Thursday, 31 May 2012

San Fairy Anne

Je m'apelle Ca Ne Fait Rien. Or as Eleanor used to call me San Fairy Anne.

I was made by Eleanor's Mum while she was pregnant, so I am a little creaky and a bit worse for wear in places. I have been well loved. I was named by Eleanor's Dad. My name means, It's Nothing, in the sense that it is no trouble.

I have lovely girly clothes: a lacy petticoat, a yellow dress and a pink apron.

I also have a pretty face with long brown hair, just like Eleanor did when she was a little girl.

Handmade gifts, made with love are to be especially treasured, don't you think?



  1. Eleanor's Dad31 May 2012 at 20:40

    So glad Eleanor still loves you! Really. San Fairy Ann was the name of a rag doll in a story Eleanor's Great-grandmother Carrie used to tell her daughter, Eleanor's Grandmother Isabel. Isabel told her children ...
    In the story (or was it a song?) San Fairy Ann was much loved by her little girl owner, but then was lost. Many years later when the little girl had grown up, she found San Fairy Ann again. She was very tatty, but her owner was overjoyed to find her ...
    That's all I can remember. I'd love to find the whole story. It would be like finding San Fairy Ann again ...

  2. Wonderful name and wonderful story! And how fabulous that you still have her.