Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Slowly but surely


I am gradually making progress with the second batch of bean bags. Machine sewing is done in short snatches. A couple of mornings a week I have the luxury of the house to myself while my Mum has Giant Baby and the others are at school. A very precious two hours and 45 minutes between returning from the school run and setting out again to fetch Tiny Boy. Usually I try to find a happy balance of housework and other necessary tasks that are much easier when child free, and me-time when I can make or bake uninterrupted.

Last week I managed to iron on the applique for both bean bags. I am afraid they are horribly gender stereotyped but in my experience that is how the Smalls like things to be. Beach huts for a boy and flowers for a girl.

I also managed to sew around the applique in a second stint but this time when Giant Baby was sleeping and he woke up before I managed to take any pictures.

I sewed on some of the other flowers and things that I had already made so now I have to decide how much more embellishment I want to add before I sew them together. I definitely feel some bunting coming on strung between the beach huts. What do you think?

We had a very busy weekend indulging my creative urges to the max with a bit of carpentry. I'll show you what we made later in the week...


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