Sunday, 27 May 2012

Camp out

On Friday Tall Girl and I went camping. It was the first time I had camped in about 20 years. The long gap had definitely not been intentional so I was extremely excited, even though our exotic destination was - wait for it... the school field!

For one night we seemed to need a huge quantity of stuff!

Before the camp out there was a fair in the playground. J brought Tiny Boy and Giant Baby up for a look round but by 7pm Tiny Boy was asking to go home to bed so off they toddled.

Tall Girl wanted to show me round the school garden. There are raised beds for each class including the pre-school plus one for gardening club. There is a fledgling orchard and a forest of waist-high trees that will, one day, be all grown up and make a real, if tiny, forest.

The main part of the field was covered in a tent village.

The little blue one is ours.

During the evening there were lots of culinary delights laid on by the teachers with a little background help from the school kitchen.

We  started with wonderful soup served in colourful plastic cups. Then we made mini pizzas which were cooked on the fire. These were followed by fruit kebabs and chocolate bananas, also cooked on the fire, all washed down with hot chocolate.

By the time it got dark at about 10pm I was dead beat but Tall Girl was still raring to go so we sat by the fire for a while before turning in.

Next morning we woke at 5am to the most beautiful sunshine.

Despite the vast quantities of food consumed throughout the evening we were both ravenous!

So I struck camp while Tall Girl did some early morning photography, then we headed home for a welcome breakfast.


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  1. That looks ace. You're such a cool mum! I've been inspired to look out our camping gear.

    Bob xx