Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Weekend project


The rain stayed off today for long enough for me to finish taking pictures of our weekend project.

We used two old pallets to make a cold frame. John and I make a great team for projects like this. I planned it out the day before and bought a big bag of nails and a sheet of perspex.

I am in charge of the sawing and he is in charge of the hammering.

Tall Girl was fascinated with the creative process and amazed and astounded that her Mummy and Daddy are so clever.

First job once it was all together was to re pot a tray of Thyme.

These are going to be come a dwarf hedge one day but at the moment they are completely filling the cold frame so I still have a windowsill full of everything else.

I have wanted a cold frame for quite a while and I am extremely pleased with our efforts.

Time for bed now.


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