Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Square rainbow blanket


I absolutely have to show you this.

It is a totally delicious blanket made for Giant Baby by his Godmother. She brought it when she came to visit last week. In fact she brought it when she came to his naming party a year ago but then it was smaller than a cushion cover. It is made from colour changing wool and I love the fact that it starts with the rainbow being really obvious in the middle then changes to stripy as the squares get bigger.

It is knitted on tiny needles so it is not surprising that it took a year to complete.

I love the back too. You can really see the ridges where she joined in the new stripe as she went along.

Actually I think I might love the back even more than the front! Giant Baby is not that interested in it yet since it is neither noisy, nor edible, so for the moment I have taken temporary ownership and I am cherishing it in the manner it deserves.


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