Sunday, 20 May 2012

Patchwork stripes

So I didn't quite get another cushion made on Friday but I did get all the pieces cut out then I stole a few minutes yesterday to stitch them together.

The stripes were completely inspired by Lucy over at Attic 24 who has made completely delicious cushions this way. Although I have to say, lack of shopping opportunity means I wriggled out of faffing about with zips and just made a big overlap at the back of each cushion.

I am not totally happy with the fabric choices but it'll do. I think a bit of stash growing is required to improve the options available.

They look quite nice together though!

I met someone yesterday that had been missing from my life for a while:

The weather has been so foul of late that we have been shadowless. It was still chilly (10 deg in May!) but at least the sun was out so we had a happy time weeding and tidying after all the rain.

Looks promising today to so I'm off to skip out in it while I can.

Have a happy Sunday.


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