Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Courgette joy


I am feeling a little less than chipper today. I had to visit the dentist twice and feel decidedly bruised and battered as a result.

Happily, in between the poking and prodding I made it out into the sunshine with Tiny Boy. When I told him on the way home from preschool that he was to help me plant the courgettes we bought yesterday he skipped and whooped with joy. A joy that is truly infectious and should be bottled and doled out to people suffering dentist filled days.

He carefully carried two of the pots up to the veggie patch while I was left with the third pot, a trowel, a can of water and the camera. He didn't moan, not even the tiniest bit, when I said we had to weed the bed before we could dig holes. In fact he declared that I kept invading his half and that he was doing it by himself.

Eventually we had a weed-free zone with three beautiful holes. I was allowed to help put the water in the first because the can was a bit heavy, but by holes two and three I was no longer needed. He paid very careful attention while I showed him how to tip up the pot without spilling any soil, catching the plant and root ball in his hand with his little fingers either side of the stem.

He lovingly placed each in its hole and tucked them in with the soil and watered them again.

Truly a labour of love and the highlight of my day.


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  1. Wonderful! (I wasn't, in any way, referring to your visit to the dentist, in case you're wondering).