Friday, 4 May 2012

Full of beans

I thought today I'd show you something I made for the Smalls a few weeks ago. Actually they took a few weeks to make in snatches of sewing time here and there.

The bedroom reshuffle had resulted in a request from Tall Girl for a garden theme and I imposed a red white and blue theme on the boys (red for Tiny Boy and blue for Giant Baby).

I was completely thrilled with my first ever attempt at applique, and my second ever at zips. I followed a pattern I found on the interweb but it was so full of mistakes and things I had to alter to make it all fit that it really isn't worth including a link.

I am now working on another pair of bean bags for the children of a very dear friend. This time I am being guided by a pattern in Cath Kidson's book Sew which I received for Christmas from my sister in law. I say guided because I am completely incapable of following any pattern to the letter. I always end up making it my own. In this case I am adding applique and extra sewn on embellishments.

I'll let you see how they turn out!


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