Friday, 18 May 2012

Impulse make

Until now my sofa has sadly been a cushion-free-zone. (I can almost hear the gasps of horror!) J hates cushions and I have never got round to rustling some up. This morning though I had a small moment of enlightenment: I spend considerably more time in the vicinity of our sofa than J does. He is at liberty to have as few cushions as he pleases at work and I can have some if I want - so there. I am such a rebel!

So I riffled through the old stash and picked a couple of things.

Spent a few happy minutes snipping, sewing and pressing...

And ta-da!

My sofa is one cushion closer to being the happily squishy place that I dream of it being!

I wonder if I have time to whip up another one before Giant Baby wakes up?



  1. Eleanor, I read your response/comment on Lisa's blog and was moved to check out your blog - it seems a warm and friendly place to be so I will be spending some time reading your 'archive'!

    My husband is from your part of the world, though we are both exiles now in Norolk - a bit less hilly! And we love to go back up there at times.

    Yes, blogs are our happy places, but I think it's good to tell it like it is sometimes, you don't have to wallow, do you? I think women in particular (and I'm not being sexist) can be incredibly nurturing and supportive of each other when in need.

    Back soon to finish reading! All best,

    1. Hi Lynne

      Thank you for being the first person to comment on my fledgling blog that I don't know personally! You can't imaging how smilie you have made me!

      Eleanor x

  2. I love the cushion, especially on your pale sofa.

    I'm getting much vicarious enjoyment from reading your blog. I've done nothing crafty at all since we got back from the UK - not even played with my new overlocker. I think I need to make some time... Thanks for the inspiration, Eleanor!