Monday, 28 May 2012

Open Gardens

The National Garden Scheme has to be one of the most civilised ideas that I know of, it is right up there with libraries and free museums. There is also a Scottish version which is what we took advantage of yesterday.

For a small entry fee (which goes to charity) you can visit some of the loveliest private gardens in the country.

Sometimes they are large gardens attached to country estates and sometimes a village gets together and opens a few gardens. We visited 10 gardens within a couple of hundred yards and they are all lovely.

At one we were introduced to their four Shetland sheep.

I was paying special attention to sheds. We could do with a new shed, although it will be a while before we have saved up the pennies so in the mean time I am dreaming about how I will decorate it.
I love the clematis on this one,

and the muted colours on this one.

The most amazing garden building has to be the green house at the primary school.

It is entirely made of plastic bottles - I think I am in love!

It is so innovative and cheap and completely brilliant that I might just need one. Sadly there was a sign up saying it took 1300 bottles to make so it might take a week or two to save them all up.

Sheep weren't the only animals we spotted. There were about six frogs around this pool.

This garden wasn't open but the topiary was brilliant.

Lots of gardens contained fun sculpture. I do like sculpture in a garden. Don't you?


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