Friday, 28 December 2012

Walk on the wild side

Just before Christmas we hooked up with some other St Helena newbies and had a fun walk and picnic round and up High Peak. I thought the pics might give you a taste of how varied the landscape is here.

Peeking through the New Zealand flax towards Sandy Bay and the ocean.

Wild flowers!

Lot's Wife in the distance.

Sandy Bay.

The part of the island pictured here goes by the name of Levelwood!

Sandy Bay from our picnic spot.

Looking back along our route.


You can just see a cottage down this track. 

Our picnic spot was on the peak in the middle of this photo.

Looking south from the top towards Sandy Bay and Lot's Wife.

Looking North from the top over Horse Pasture (where there are no horses).



  1. It looks so beautiful! Enjoy those lovely surroundings! :) x

  2. How lovely! Thanks for posting the pics. I know that they have to be indigenous to somewhere, but lillies seem like a strange thing to find in the wild :-)