Friday, 2 December 2016

#Bashsad reflections

Day 22 Read a little bit of this which was brilliant! I can highly recommend it for a short but easy and delightfully joyful read. 

Day 23 I phoned my Dad in Cornwall . Cornwall is further away than I would like and I once again I am going to ask Santa for a teleporter for Christmas.

Day 24 Well, I didn't feel I could go around complimenting people and then taking their photos so you'll just have to take my word on this one...

Day 25 I forgot to take a pic of my dinner which was bacon and sprout risotto (don't knock it 'til you've tried it), but the day was an extremely bonny one.

Day 26 Attempting to de-procrastinate on a weekend is never going to go well. I have a family with no sense of urgency, no instinct to take a great big bite out of the day and no desire to do much of anything, where as I want to do, and go, and be, and see, EVERYTHING. And preferably with company since I spend a lot of time on my own during the week. My solution was to try to not mind their dithering and to use the time well.

Day 27 My weekend desire to MOVE is usually towards water of some sort, but with J off playing lacrosse and me on homework duty with three Smalls, I wasn't holding out much hope. However, with a little bit of sneakery and some help from Grandma we managed a little walk up the river.

Day 28 My most huggy and cuddly Small usually comes with the added bonus of Piggy and taggy along for a squeeze too.

Day 29 My company for a cup of tea was most excellent.

Day 30 My December 'could do' list.

Well, thank you fo keeping me company through my experiment... Certainly making myself do positive things was a good idea, but it didn't totally banish the sense of impending doom, especially on sun-less days, or days which I couldn't make the most of.

Usually December is so full it flashes past... lets see.


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Day 30 Make a December list

This is absolutely NOT a 'must do' list, or even a 'should do' list , its more of a 'could do if the mood takes me' list, or a 'would like to if it seems like a good idea at the time' list.

Day 29 Have a cup of tea.

But not just have-a-cup-of-tea... Indulge in the full ceremony of the thing. Choose your spot, comfy with a nice view, perhaps by a window, or in front of the fire, or with candles. Choose your company, a loved one or a new friend, either in person or via the magic of telephony, or perhaps you would rather savour a moment of peace. Choose your tea: Herbal, green, fancy or builders. Choose your brewing method: Pot or mug. and finally wrap your hands round your favourite cup or mug and let the warmth flow through you. You could even choose coffee instead...

Monday, 28 November 2016

Day 28 Hug

Go on, give someone a squeeze! It will make them feel good as well as making you feel good. Or hug a tree.


Day 27 Find some water

The power of spending time near water never ceases to amaze me. It could be the sea, a river lake or stream but it never fails to put me back on track.


Saturday, 26 November 2016

Day 26 De-procrastinate

Get on, get going, get moving, get organised, get out, get it together, get a wriggle on.


Tuesday, 22 November 2016

#Bashsad weekly round up part 3

Day 15: Well, dancing happened a day late. On day 15 J was working from home and had Very Important phone calls and a Very Important meeting so no loud music for me. Then on day 16 Radio 2 seemed to be in a particularly sombre mood all day...that is until Simon Mayo saved the day!

Day 16: When you need to laugh, go to choir! My lovely joyous choir always puts a smile on my face and we usually laugh A LOT.

Day 17: My attempt at a smiley selfie was taken at the end of a long and tricky day and the intricacies of taking a selfie in the mirror were almost beyond me...

... but on day 18 I went for a lovely long walk in the sunshine and took a fab friend with me via the magic of mobile telephony. The result was a much more smiley selfie.

Day 18: Apple scones - what's not to like?

Day 19: Another tricky day with uncooperative and whinging Smalls but we did manage a trip down to Holy Island and as usual being out and about improved my mood no end.

Day 20: Black current porridge. Yum!

Day 21: You'd have thought I'd have got myself organised so that the challenges fell on sensible days but apparently not. In the morning I wore my latest charity shop treasure - a cotton knitted dress with jeans, fleecy boots and a scarf. A  new cosy favourite. The afternoon and evening brought pilates and a dance class so I was forced into my version of sportswear which is definitely not my favourite. I did choose my favourite t-shirt though.

Not a bad week but as the weather has turned wet and cold and dark I can feel my resilience weakening. Staying focused and making an effort to do positive things definitely helps.


Day 22 Read a book


Sunday, 20 November 2016

Day 20 Have a healthy breakfast

It's the most important meal of the day, don't you know? And my favourite.


Day 19 Photograph Seasonal Change

Autumn days when the grass is jewelled
And the silk inside a chestnut shell.
Jetplanes meeting in the air to be refuelled.
All these thing I love so well.


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Day 16 Laugh out loud!

Laugh out loud! Hook up with the kind of friends who make you weep, watch a film that will make you scream or listen to a show that will make your tummy ache. All in a good way of course!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

#Bashsad weekly round up part 2

Thought I'd tell you about some of my highlights this week...

Day 8: I actually managed to do proper singing practice. (Note to self - must do more of this)

Day 9: Sadly no lunch outside... too many raindrops on the roses.

Day 10: Rocking my Solomon knot shawl made from St Helena wool. The woolliest wool that ever there was.

Day 11: Took Tall Girl out for a grown up dinner at a fancy restaurant. Safe to say we all loved it AND there were candles on the tables.

Day 12: Made apple and pear cake for my friend's birthday. The first pears from our very own pear tree which was a gift when I left the Royal Observatory Edinburgh many many moons ago.

Day 13: Didn't manage an early night, but did manage to dress up as a Von Trapp child, watch The Sound of Music for the first time and have a jolly time with lovely friends.

Day 14: I actually drink a lot of water already, but the wine the previous night made it doubly important!

I hope you had a good week too.


Day 15 Dance!

Turn on the radio and waltz round the kitchen with the cat, boogie with your kids, shake your bootie for no one but yourself. Dance like nobody is watching, because nobody is, and you can, and you have this amazing body that can take vibrations in the air and turn them into pure joy.


Day 14 Drink more water

Sorry for the delay... life happened!


Saturday, 12 November 2016

Day 12 Try a new recipe

Savoury or sweet, naughty or nice healthy or hearty. Definitely delicious!


Thursday, 10 November 2016

Day 10 Wear something woolly

You say woolly, I say woolie. Whichever it is, wrap that sheepy goodness round yourself in a warm soft hug.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Day 8 Sing!

Stick the radio on if it helps but fill your lungs and sing. Don't try to be loud but don't swallow the sound. Think you can't? Everyone can! This is for you, not for any audience. Think about what you are doing, focus and embrace the joy of making noise.

Monday, 7 November 2016

#Bashsad weekly roundup

So the weather has turned from warm and bright to black clouds and hailstones in a week, but I am feeling pretty chipper. Focusing on the positive and making myself do things that are good for me is definitely a Good Thing.

Here are some of the Good Things that I have done this week:

Day 1 Two walks in one day!

Day 2 Tidied and cleaned my bedroom.

Day 3 Eight types of fruit in one glass.

Day 4 Recycling produced by cleaning and sorting out the coffee table paperwork system.

Day 5 Sunlight, fireworks and candle light.

Day 6 A spot of hookie.

Day 7 A sociable day unexpectedly but naturally emerged from a long to do list.

How has your week been?