Friday, 24 July 2015

Not just pants.

Oh man! I so didn't mean for that to happen. More than three weeks since I last posted. The trouble is I am   s  t  i  l  l    decorating and it is   b  o  r  i  n  g   and not at all photo worthy.

I am desperate to get it done but yet another spanner has been thrown in the works. I have hurt my back. No idea how* and the doc assures me it is only muscular. It is not only muscular, it is also PANTS. Panty-pant pant pant PANTS. I can't do anything useful or even much else. It has to be better tomorrow because I have three Small-free days to finish the beeping painting. We then have to sand and seal the floor and I have no idea when we will fit that in.

Anyway blah blah blah I have not been posting because I have been in a paint induced stupor, trying to fit too much into each day before the summer holidays started then trying to get the Smalls to help me with every little thing since I hurt my back. They are not amused.

More interestingly, my little choir went on tour last weekend. Four concerts in two days and boy did we have fun! It was a singing and eating fest. In fact, the suspicion is that that is how I hurt my back. Too much fun. Or maybe too much shifting chairs and standing for long periods. As well as singing, there was vast quantities of tea, tray bakes, fish and chips and merriment. We also raised over £500 for local charities from our retiring collections.

I finished a little crochet whim the other evening. I used the scraps from the hats I made for Tall Girl and myself to make a little granny cushion. My Grandma used to have loads of these and I loved them so this one is a little homage to her.

I have also been snipping and stitching little squares. A friend had a baby and I couldn't help myself. I am attempting a very simple spot of machine quilting. So far I have succeeded in breaking the machine (now fixed) and the walking foot (unfixable I suspect). Ho hum, I shall persevere.

Today I couldn't bear the lack of gardening any longer so marched the Smalls outside and picked flowers while they dug up potatoes and picked mange tout and raspberries for our tea.

Suppose I had better go and cook them!


*Clearly this statement is not entirely true. It is partially true though and that will have to do.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Stitching summer for my Mum