Friday, 28 August 2015

Summer with the Smalls



I have a lovely friend who adores the holidays and mourns her loss when her Smalls go back to school. I try very hard not to do the opposite. It's not that I don't like hanging out with my Smalls, I do. It's just that I find life a whole lot easier if I have time on my own too. I find it easier to think and to plan without the chatter and nonsense that goes on when everyone is at home. We've had six weeks off so far and boy are we ready to go back. Chatter and nonsense has morphed into bickering and niggling. The Smalls need the stimulation and routine of school and I need the peace and quiet.

Only three days to go...


Thursday, 27 August 2015

The secret of Staithes

Staithes is a pretty Yorkshire village, made famous to CBeebies viewers as the setting for Old Jack's Boat.
It has lots to charm the visitor: beach, harbour, river, pretty cottages...

We loved this street. So narrow you could only walk through sideways.

There were lots of careful details...

Careful details that require closer inspection...

Oh yes, the village is host to a series of eight trompe-l'œil artworks created for the 2014 Staithes Festival by Paul Czainski.

We could only find four and discovered after we left that there is a leaflet leading you round them all. I'd love to go back and find the rest.


Saturday, 8 August 2015

Yorkshire Lavender

Come and see this brilliant place. 

Yorkshire Lavender: beautiful and bonkers in equal measure.

There was all the usual things: nice tearoom (lavender scones with blueberry jam anyone?),

shop stocked with more lavender themed products than you can shake a stick at,

nursery stocked with all imaginable varieties of lavender as well as other herbs and garden lovelies.

But then there's the free, yes FREE gardens,

gorgeous crazy sculpture,

spectacular landscaping,

and special spots to stop and stare.

Is it a person or a letter?

There are bossy signs everywhere,

with their tongues shoved firmly in their cheeks.

Wonderful views.

A maze.

Musical fencing.

And wobbly paths.

Quidditch or the sound of music?

Giant gate.

And everyone's welcome!

We are off on more holiday jollies for a couple of weeks. Back soon.


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Yorkshire jollies

Last week the Smalls went of for fun and frolics with Granny and Grandad. J and I FINISHED THE PAINTING then went off for some jollies of our own in Yorkshire. 

It was lovely!