Monday, 7 November 2016

#Bashsad weekly roundup

So the weather has turned from warm and bright to black clouds and hailstones in a week, but I am feeling pretty chipper. Focusing on the positive and making myself do things that are good for me is definitely a Good Thing.

Here are some of the Good Things that I have done this week:

Day 1 Two walks in one day!

Day 2 Tidied and cleaned my bedroom.

Day 3 Eight types of fruit in one glass.

Day 4 Recycling produced by cleaning and sorting out the coffee table paperwork system.

Day 5 Sunlight, fireworks and candle light.

Day 6 A spot of hookie.

Day 7 A sociable day unexpectedly but naturally emerged from a long to do list.

How has your week been?



  1. Hi. I've come to you via Jo's blog. I love the idea of #bashsad. You've had a very positive week. Here's to the rest of the month. X

    1. Welcome! Its lovely to have new people stp by and say Hi!

  2. There are so many good things to celebrate here. Happiness is about finding and cherishing small moments of joy, wherever you might find them. I often find mine at the beach - looks like you do too. xx

    1. I completely agree and a silly project like this is great for making me do just that. It is so easy to loose focus in the muddle of every day life. xx