Sunday, 16 December 2012

A postcard from Jamestown

I spent a couple of hours solo-shopping in Jamestown yesterday while J occupied the Smalls. I went into all the shops I have never been in before, either because they have too many steps for the buggy or too much touch-temptation for the Smalls. I didn't buy anything very exciting - some bananas and a bread bin but I did do some thing I have been wanting to do for weeks...

I went into the Consulate Hotel, purchased a cold beverage, then sat on the terrace at the front of the hotel watching the world go by for half an hour. It was bliss! Several people stopped to chat and lots more waved as they went past. People wave here - a lot.

I took these two snaps so you could come with me for a virtual sit. Imagine yourself with a lovely cold drink, (I had ginger beer but you can have anything you like, except sparkling water. For some reason that delicacy has not reached the south atlantic which is a shame), sitting in the shade of the balcony above looking out at the row of shops and up to the semi-desert hillside above. If you crane your neck a little bit as you look down the street you can almost see the ocean at the bottom.

You will probably be engaged in conversation by someone you have never met - what are you doing here? do you like it? how are you settling in? or someone you feel you probably have met but can't remember where because you have met so many new people recently - on your own today? where are the Smalls? how are they doing?

Well, cheers, enjoy your drink and your sit. Then take your new-found restedness back with you to reality.



  1. so good to hear people are so friendly down there and you have all settled in so well, cheers to your ginger beer

  2. Looks lovely! Your making me jealous! :)