Sunday, 9 December 2012

Some seeds and some stitches


I thought today we would get back to some of what this blog was intended to be about. It seems we have been all at sea (literally) for ages and very little creating has been done but today we remedied that and made a small start on our garden.

Several of the houses around us have recently been vacated and their ex-tenants let it be known that we were welcome to what was left in their patches so J and the Smalls went hunting and came back with some strawberry plants and some fennel, sage and chives.


We also planted lots of the seeds that we shipped over so hopefully will have lots of little seedlings of melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, courgettes, sweet peas, snapdragons and lots more very soon.

Tomorrow I plan to make a start on direct sewing peas, beans and some leeks and kale. I figured the Tuscan kale that Monty Don is always raving about should like it here so fingers crossed!

Tall Girl and Tiny Boy loved the seed sewing. Their little fingers can pick up tiny seeds one at a time and they love poking holes for the seeds, popping them in the holes then gently tucking them in.

The wind can still be a little cool here so I thought we'd protect the seeds a wee bit as they get going.

So on to the stitches. I have begun a few little test pieces for my blanket project. I have been experimenting with hook size and colour placement. Here is the pallet of colours I have chosen. I am holding off doing too much designing because I am hoping that my in-laws have sent some new crochet books this way for Christmas, and I want to fully absorb them before I begin!

But I couldn't resist a little bit of fiddling about.

I have also made progress with a couple of other projects which I am going to save for next time...



  1. you are all settling in well, and enjoying sunshine. Best of luck with your planting and new life. I have so enjoyed following you on your journey to your new home

  2. I've just caught up on your recent adventure - what a trip you've had! Can I come visit? ;) Must be strange to celebrate the holidays in the southern hemisphere!