Friday, 21 December 2012

A few of my favourite (Christmas) things

Despite this year's evidence to the contrary, I am not a big fan of tinsel - not on the tree anyway. The Smalls of course consider this to be a huge character flaw but my tree - my rules!
What I really like on a tree are hanging ornaments. Preferably ones with a story, either given to us by someone special or bought on a special occasion. I thought I'd show you my favourites today.

An elephant from a Secret Santa present at an annual Christmas party with a very special bunch of friends. I received this a couple of years ago.

This is Ingrid - she was bought on holiday in Sweden when visiting my real friend Ingrid. The real Ingrid is having her own southern hemisphere adventure this year with her family in Australia.

and this is Petter, Ingrid's husband.

This bauble is one of two we received as favours at the wedding of Alison and Andy several years ago. The other one is shinier and I couldn't take a picture of it without my weird reflection showing.

This is the first Christmas decoration Tall Girl brought home from school when she was very wee.

This little cow bell was given to Tiny Boy by my in-laws when they came back from visiting friends in Switzerland where they used to live.

I bought this little chap from a wood turner at at a craft fair last winter.

The two crocheted snowflakes came from Cathy, an old friend from Uni who discovered the delights of crochet way before I did and makes fabulous weird and wonderful creations.

Tiny Boy painted this pine cone at a St Helena Christmas bazaar this year.

A toy like this one was given to each of the Friday Coffee babies last year by the lovely Claire. This is Giant Baby's favourite.

Do you have favourite decorations?



  1. I think the memories that are stirred as we decorate our trees are really special, I've got some from my childhood that I can't ever imagine wont be on the tree, but also some new ones made by friends I've made since blogging! Have a lovely Christmas! :) x

  2. I have an Angel in a glittery window that I was given when I was very little -it is actually still at Mums but I love it.
    And I LOVE some if the creations my children make and bring home from school...
    I am not sure why but I don't always get your photos on the blog...? The come up as blank with a little red x in the corner. It may be my settings (probably) but wondered if you knew. (I can see some photos). H