Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My favourite ever Christmas make

We went to the Smalls' nativity play last night, we have put up our tree (uncharacteristically a gold plastic one which I secretly love), St Helena Radio is playing every country and western Christmas song ever recorded back to back, and I am starting to believe that it might be nearly Christmas even though it is warm and sunny.

I had a happy afternoon yesterday choosing which of the decorations we are going to use this year. With no fireplace or staircase to decorate we don't need everything. One of the must haves was the stoneware nativity figures that I made when I was pregnant with Tall Girl at the pottery class I used to go to.

I am ridiculously proud of them. I made lots of things in that class - some ok and some pretty terrible but I think these are the best thing I ever made.

I loved the process of simplifying the shapes so they would be robust. Some of the scales are a bit dodgy - like the amazing giant sheep!

Choosing the glaze colours was fun. Before they are fired the colours are nothing like how they will finally turn out and you just have to trust that it will be ok.

When Tall girl was wee she dropped Mary and her head broke off. I was pretty upset but some clever gluing and you can't tell.

 What's your favourite Christmas make?



  1. That is gorgeous, and so wonderfully special. I think my (current) favourite Christmas make is the quilt I just finished!
    Have fun decorating,

  2. what a lovely nativity scene to have made and to have on display every Christmas, another one of your many talents being used to produce something so very nice.