Monday, 9 December 2013

Clara on tour Part 3

One day a week I volunteer here. It is the Arts and Crafts Centre in Jamestown. It sells things made by the island's craftsmen and women as well as art and craft supplies. It also loans out equipment such as sewing machines and craft books. 

I thought Clara, with her crafty ways, might like to take a look around, and she thought you might like a peek too.

Flax work is a very popular souvenir for tourists, but local people like to buy them as gifts too because cut flowers are not readily available.

This is the locally grown coffee. I talked about our visit to the coffee plantation here.

There is lots of lovely jewellery, some of it made by Giselle and her team at G Unique who did Tall Girl's wonderful birthday party.

There is amazing hand-made lace.

And donkey themed stationery.

These beads are made in the same way as the card board tree decorations, but they are made of newspaper.

At the moment the Centre is hosting an exhibition of the work of local artists including some produced by students at the high school.

This piece was painted using different colours of earth from around the island.

I think Clara enjoyed her visit. I hope you did too.


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