Sunday, 17 February 2013

Donkey walking and giveaway news

Firstly the giveaway. Only a few entries but into the hat they went and out came Wendy from Capetown. Wendy, email me your address (my email address is at the bottom of the right hand margin) and sometime soon something will be winging its way to you. Don't forget to pay-it-forward though! 
Yesterday I took the Smalls donkey walking. Donkeys used to be used all the time to haul flax about, and pretty much everything else, because as you might have noticed St Helena isn't exactly flat! Now they are used infrequently when endemic plants are being replanted in inaccessible areas. Mostly they have nothing to do, which is not good for donkeys.

So twice a week they are taken for a walk by people from the National Trust and volunteer helpers. Anyone can go along and join in.

They are walked for about a mile up the road then back again.

Often they stop for a roadside snack.

These two are mother and daughter, Sugar and Basil and like to stick together.

As you can see the sun does not always shine. It was a very misty moisty morning and we were up in the clouds.

Not much of a view.

They really do have minds of their own,

but a bit of encouragement and they are lovely company.

When they get back to their shelter they get a good brush

before being turned out into the paddock.

I'm not sure who enjoys it more, the donkeys or the Smalls.



  1. How lovely! Think they all enjoyed themselves! :) x

  2. What a great thing to do, looks like everyone had a good time!
    Have a happy week,

  3. what a wonderful time the smalls must be having on your island, so much to see and learn from, I can see it will be a wrench when it is time to return home.