Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A colourful tonic

Today I am feeling very sorry for myself. I suffer from random bouts of hay fever which mean I can't see or hear through the snotty fog. It has very little to do with hay but can be triggered by late nights, cats, dogs, smoke, red wine, whisky, stress, over-heating, cold weather or none of the above. Today's episode is unexplained.

So I decided to cheer myself up by spreading out my blanket and examining it's progress.

The little squares are going to form a border round what I have done so far, with some stripes on either side. 6.5 done, 69.5 to go.

That would be 20.2% of a blanket. Somehow that feels like a lot!



  1. It looks a lot from your photo already. The colours look lovely.

  2. wow WOW!!! I love it and am in awe of your crocheting skills! I've yet to try it but I do so love granny squares and lovely retro rainbow stripes! fab x

  3. Just lovely, so colourful.....reminds me of sweets! Well done! :) x