Sunday, 22 December 2013

Twelth Make for Christmas - A Crafting Small

A true story about a Tiny Boy...

A Crafting Small

Difficulty: Ranging from wonderfully simple to more challenging that you could possibly imagine.

You will need: A Small. A crafty-minded Mummy (or Daddy/other adult role model), paper, pen, scissors, pins, felt, needle, thread.

Make things all the time. Knit with the Small in your lap, crochet whilst reading stories, cook with 'help', explain how the sewing machine works (again), sow seeds and let little fingers tuck them in.

One day your Small will say something along the lines of 'Mummy, I need some red material' and will follow it up with 'Mummy, how do you make a stocking?'. Pounce, seize the day, grab the moment with both hands.

Make a paper pattern, help with making the stocking shape less wobbly, pin the pattern to the felt and cut it out twice. Pin the pieces together and thread the needle. Show the Small how to make neat little stitches all round the edge. Untangle the tangles and rethread the needle a zillion times. Grin inanely when they are pleased as punch to have sewn all the way round SO quickly. Congratulate them on their cleverness to have done it nearly all by themselves and remind Santa that a little extra something will be required to fill a little extra stocking.

Now, some lovely friends of mine are arriving today, having travelled for 5 days and 4500 miles to get here, so I am going to take a little bloggy break for a couple of weeks. Have a wonderfully fun and restful Christmas and New Year and I'll see you on the other side...



  1. Gosh you have been busy with all your makes! Love the simple ones you can do with the kids, hope you have a lovely Christmas :) x

  2. Have a great Christmas & New Year!

  3. That's such a lovely and heart-warming story. I love that you are nurturing in your Smalls, a love of all things crafty. Well done to Tiny Boy, he did a great job with that stocking. Enjoy the time with your friends, and wishing you & yours a very Merry Christmas and all good things for the new year ahead. Love Gilly xx