Sunday, 15 December 2013

Eighth Make for Christmas - Shop til you drop bag

Firstly, don't forget my giveaway on the last post.

Today we have a quickish make that would make a lovely gift or just keep it to help you with that last minute shopping.

Shop til you drop bag
Difficulty: If you can sew in a straight line and wield an iron, you can make this.
You will need: Fabric, scissors, tape measure, iron, pins, sewing machine, thread.
I have allowed a 1cm seam throughout.

Cut out your fabric. I used three different fabrics. We will call the roses fabric A, the gingham fabric B and the small floral fabric C.

From fabric A cut two pieces 45 x 25cm and two pieces 7 x 75cm. These will be the outer of the bag and the handles.
From fabric B cut one piece  45 x 33cm and two pieces 16 x 16 cm. These will be the outer of the bag and the pockets.
From fabric C cut one piece 45 x 79cm. This will be the lining.
Iron all the pieces.

Using the iron, turn over 1cm all round each of the pocket pieces then turn down 2cm more at the top edge.

Turn over 1 cm each side of the two handles.

Then fold them in half length ways.

Sew a few mm in from the edge along both sides of each handle.

Join the two large rectangles of A to each long edge of B to make a rectangle 45 x 79cm which will be the outer of the bag. Open out the seams and iron flat.

Sew across the top edge of each pocket.

Position the pockets on to the right side of the outer and the lining. They should each be centred and about 9cm down from the top. Sew down one side, across the bottom and up the other side of each pocket.

Fold the outer of the bag in half with right sides together and sew down each side. Do the same with the lining. Turn the outer the right way out and iron. Leave the lining as it is.

Using the iron, turn down 2cm to the inside of the outer and to the outside of the lining.

Push the lining into the outer, line up the top edges and pin. Position the handles about 8cm in from each side of the bag. Push about 5cm of each end of each handle in between the two layers of the bag. Pin into position.

Sew round the top edge of the bag a few mm from the edge and again about 3cm down from the edge. this second line of stitching will catch the handles again giving them added strength.

Iron your lovely creation.

Stand back and admire with a gleeful grin.

Give to a friend or shop til you drop.


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