Wednesday, 22 May 2013

St Helena Day Part 1

Yesterday was the 511th anniversary of the discovery of this mad rock by the Portuguese. It was St Helena's Day. St Helena was mother to Constantine the Great and is patron saint of new discoveries and is traditionally credited with discovering the relics of the True Cross. 

The day started with the police and the Scouts, Cubs, Beavers, Guides, Brownies, and Rainbows parading down the main street.

Tall Girl was amongst the Brownies and loved it.

They joined in a little thanksgiving service lead by the Bishop.

I love the formality of his robes with the rock and roll background!

HMS Black Rover is in port visiting and was all decked out with bunting.

After a short pause for a cuppa, next up was the novelty sports. A relay sack race with the sack as the baton, 

tyre rolling relay,

three men on a pair of skis,

tug of war,

wheel barrow race with real wheel barrows, and sadly, I failed to get a snap of the dressing up race!

A sit in the shade to get over all the excitement. Pick your tipple: a nice cold beer, a frappe special (iced coffee with ice cream in the top) or a stick of candy floss.

I shall save the float parade, ladder challenge and fireworks for tomorrow...



  1. Looks like much fun was had by all! Happy belated St Helena day :-)

  2. Gosh, all those new things you're experiencing, isn't it fab! :) x