Friday, 3 May 2013

Positively palatial poultry pile

A few weeks ago I was asked by some friends if I could help them with a little project. They had acquired some chickens, (named Chick-Chick and Chook-Chook: double barrelled and very posh) and the chickens needed some shade.

They had been made a fabulous hen-house and a run, but it is hot hot hot in the middle of the day and something had to be done.

So we wove some flax panels.

See how my shoe matches the flax? And my toenail paint matches my shoe? And my watch strap matches them all?

The finished panels were really rather lovely. We wove in alternate ends for that beach-hut-under-a-palm-tree look

Once the flax had dried it was attached to the roof of the run. The chickens needed to inspect it of course.

It has even been embellished with a wee flax rose.

The flax shrinks as it dries leaving little holes, and giving a lovely dappled effect.

They seem quite happy with it.

All hand made, a positively palatial poultry pile!

My friend also built this rather fabulous barbeque/wood burner out of an old washing machine drum. I have dropped several completely unsubtle hints about how much I would like one too!

I've always thought chickens were a bit bizarre...




  1. What an unusual idea to weave some shade. It does look good, I also like the BBQ.