Sunday, 12 May 2013

Patchy progress

Do you remember these squares that my lovely friend sent a couple of months ago? Well, I finally got round to doing something with them. 

I cut them all properly square, which required much bravery in the use of a rotary cutter, and added a few more so I could make a little patchwork quilt.

I paired them up, a floral square with a spot/stripe or check in complimentary colours.

Then I laid them out on the floor and fiddled. I wanted to make sure none of the stronger colours leapt out and that the balance felt right.

 (I am sorry for the quality of the pics but I took them in the evening and the lighting is terrible).

I remembered to number them so they would end up in the right order...

A couple of machine sessions later and I was skipping and hopping at how it turned out. If you look closely the corners don't all line up perfectly but I don't care!

I love that it is bright and breezy and made from squares received as a lovely and unexpected present.

I have found some lovely backing material - also a present from a different friend, and I have improvised some padding. I am busy trying a bit of (very simple) hand quilting, which turns out to be much trickier then you'd think.

Anyway, I shall persist. I have plans for this little treasure...


  1. a great job you have done and your your eye for placing the individual blocks has come out so well

  2. Quilting is something I would love to try inspired by a recent novel I've just read which features quilting. Your lovely quilt has also encouraged me to get started although I've been looking for a local group to join as I think it's more fun doing crafts with other people, if possible.