Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Inside Prince's Lodge

Inside Prince's Lodge is the world's largest collection of images and maps of St Helena. 

The glass in the frames gave great reflections from the lights and the windows but I hope you can get a sense on the images. I simply photographed the ones that caught my eye.

Jamestown from the Road (the name for the bit of water where the ships anchor).

St Helena from the North looking into James Bay.

Map with North to the left.

Again, North is on the Left.

Usual way up this time. I wish I could tell you more about the images but there was no interpretation other than what was written on the pictures themselves.

Apart from the cars Main Street in Jamestown still looks just like this.

Oh, I loved this fireplace. I miss our pretty fireplaces at home.



  1. Yes, but you have warm don't need fireplaces.....whereas we do, it's still so nippy! :) x