Monday, 29 April 2013

A new crafty obsession

We have had a visitor at our little Thursday night craft group for the last few weeks. My friend's Mum is visiting and has been coming along.

Last week she shared one of her crafty loves with us. She does hand embroidery.

Now, I have done the odd stitch here and there but never with any tuition or even much reference to a book.

I have never set out to embellish an object by stitching alone.

But with Margaret's encouragement I have chain stitched and French knotted,

I have feather stitched and lazy daisyed

and I am loving it despite the stitches being a bit wobbly and my finger being extremely sore!

I dug around in my stash of books that I might just need one day, and found a wealth of stitchy ideas and instructions.

I rescued this book from the local primary school library when it was being removed from service.

In true thrifty style it seems that it was even second hand when it arrived in a school library in St Helena having spent it's early years in Surrey.

Stitch diagrams never go out of date though and I can't wait to try this double feather stitch once my finger has recovered from the effort of propelling the needle.

What is your latest crafty obsession?



  1. Lovely little stitches there, especially love that little white daisy! :) x

  2. Love the stitching book. A great reference to have. And your stitches look fine. I really don't like doing french knots or lazy daisies and yours are so good.