Saturday, 27 April 2013

Drawers for bags

Well, I promised a crafty post, and this isn't the one I was planning but there you go. It isn't really a crafty post at all, it is a renewal, reuse and beautify post:
Take one scummy filing cabinet due to be thrown out by J's office
Spend a considerable amount of time with many and various solvents removing the stickers, sellotape and other adhesive residues
Scrub off rust with a wire brush
Scrub off grime, abovementioned solvents and rusty mess with hot soapy water
Wrestle with the handles until they come off

Apply a couple of coats of car-type spray paint in a bonnie colour

Wrestle those pesky handles back on

and Ta-Da! a bonnie, bright and beautiful addition to your storage capacity.

Ours houses swim and snorkel kit, nappy bag, brownie bag, cool bag, picnic blanket, toddler backpack carrier thingy and shopping bags.

What would you put in yours?


1 comment:

  1. Well done, up cycling at its best! Great colour too. I'd fill mine with all the craft stuff that is lying around :-)
    Happy Sunday xx