Saturday, 30 January 2016

A long awaited Ta Da!

Long term readers may remember that back when we were in St Helena we were visited by some lovely friends. Well, shortly after they returned home Janet and Toby got married. I couldn't go to the wedding because we were still 4500 miles away, but due to the magic of the interweb I was able to watch it live on YouTube! I put on my best hat and sat alternately, and sometimes simultaneously grinning like a cheshire cat and sobbing my heart out. 

I had always planned a handmade gift and made a start shortly after we got back.Then I stalled, and got distracted and started something else and then something else. Their first wedding anniversary came and went and my WIP was still in a basket under my sewing table.

Then some how, Just before Christmas it all clicked into place and I got my act together. It is no longer a WIP, it is a real and actual Ta Da! 

Ta Da!

 A Ta Da so large that I found it very hard to photograph. I completely love it and hope they do too.

I even love the back!



  1. WOW!!! It is wonderful!!! I am sure that they will not mind having waited for this beautiful gift one little bit! It was well worth it. You are very kind of have made such a lovely thing. xx

  2. Wow! Wow! I am sure they will love it.

  3. It's an amazing gift- please let us know what Janet and Toby thought of it xx