Friday, 22 January 2016

Here and Now

Loving: That there is a reindeer painted on the rocks at the end of Bamburgh beach.

Eating: Cashew nut butter for the first time... uh oh...

Drinking: Another cup of tea. Of course!

Feeling: Chuffed to bits that a Top Secret WIP is nearing completion. And I love love love it! Nearly time to show and tell.

Making:The most of every scrap of light during these dark days. I have even begun to make my peace with the dreaded snow. I still dislike its slippery ways but I do like how much light it bounces around.

Thinking: About how to turn my resolution to be more Brave into concrete action.

Dreaming: Of warm sunlit camping trips next summer.

Hooking up with Sarah at Say Little Hen again for Here and Now.


  1. Oh I love the reindeer painting too. Beautiful photos!

  2. Oh nut butter...I've yet to try it but I think it would be quite delicious and maybe a bit moreish too :-)

    Thanks so much for joining in! A lovely post x

  3. What a sweet painting
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. Lovely post - I take it you like cashew nut butter then? x

  5. It sounds as though the cashew butter is going to be a problem... an addiction even!! Adore the reindeer! xx