Sunday, 15 September 2013

The end of the Earth

Hello, nice to see you. Have you got a while to come and see? There is a little place that I know that I thought you might like. It is a perfect little place where not too many people go. It is 1000 miles from anywhere...

Take the road out of George Town and across the wasteland of rubble and cinder towards Twoboats Village.

Go past the weird sculpture with paint poured all over it.

And turn left at Oneboat (leaving a sporting trophy is apparently optional),

through the forest of masts and antennae,

past bunches of rocks left where the volcano put them, there hasn't been enough time for the weather to soften them,

and turn right to English Bay.

There are no camels but watch out for wild donkeys and sheep instead.

This is where the most wonderful World Service is broadcast to West Africa.

And here we are.

Golden sand to be rearranged.

Blue see to frolic in.

Turn round and the BBC antennae are staggeringly tall.

There are pools to jump into

and to paddle in.

Waves softly lapping the shore,

slightly freaky black fish to swim with,

and treasure to be found.

A little slice of paradise right at the edge of the world.

Tomorrow, Green Mountain...



  1. what an idyllic spot, your children are so lucky to be living on this island,so peaceful

  2. Oh wow!
    I've always fancied going to the Falklands, using the RAF flight from Brize Norton. If we ever do, perhaps Ascension should be more than just a refuel.