Monday, 16 September 2013

Green Mountain

Another day and another special place to show you. Here we are again at the top of English Bay, looking inland, through the forest of aerials towards Green Mountain. We went right to the top when we passed through Ascension Island last year.

Look who we met on the way up! 

A very secretive land crab.

This time we decided to take Elliot's pass, which encircles the top and therefore has the great advantage of being flat!

I wasn't paying proper attention so I am not sure who Elliot was, but he has his own obelisk.

The path is very fun for Smalls because along the way there are several tunnels. One is even long and bendy enough that you get proper use out of the head torch you brought specially.

Mostly it is just a lovely walk with beautiful views and some amazing 'wild' flowers...

It has some areas where the endemic plants are being conserved and actively planted.

And importantly there is a box with a stamp.

Tomorrow we'll go back to the sea for anther special place...



  1. How amazing and so fascinating to see where you are!
    bestest daisy...
    Ps More More!!

  2. You take us on the most amazing walks, thank you! :) x