Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Bell Stone

Well, the writing of this post has caused an extraordinary amount of headaches. Who knew adding a little video would be so hard!

Anyway, we went out on Sunday afternoon to find something we had spotted on the map called the Bell Stone. Who could not be attracted by that. Well, we went, and we saw and look, or rather, listen:

How cool is that?

After we had all had a go, we went for a walk further down the track. To start with there were amazing eucalyptus trees with fantastic peeling bark.

Then the path turned to very fine sand which I think was probably volcanic ash many many moons ago.

We had views right across where one day there will be an airport. At the moment they are making it flat by filling in a dry valley.

Like most people I have mixed feelings about this. The island cannot move forward without the airport and the people will always be a five day ship passage from a major hospital until it is built; but it will bring all sorts of change - good and bad.

I am just glad we got here when it was still one of the most isolated places on earth.

Even if that does mean fruit is only available once every three weeks.

And if you think too hard about a thousand miles of ocean, it sort of freaks you out.

But it is so beautiful and it would be lovely to be able to share, just a little bit more easily.


  1. This is all such a great experience for your family- glad you are enjoying yourself! :) x

  2. that stone I could not believe when I heard it, does it make different sounds if hit lower down?
    Your island really is a haven , I could see myself settling there but what would I do if I ran out of thread etc, that is when the airport will come in handy, your mail will get to you much quicker, it has one or two advantages.