Monday, 25 March 2013

Tall Girl's jewellery party

On Thursday my Tall Girl will be seven. 

So on Saturday we decked the halls with balloons and paper chains and some of her friends joined us for a jewellery party.

The lovely Giselle of G-Unique came and helped the girls make charm bracelets and rings.

They chose their charms and beads then Giselle put them together while the girls played with balloons on a trampoline borrowed from a neighbour.

They were thrilled with the results.

Then they had a birthday tea with a jewellery birthday cake - of course!

Happy Birthday lovely girl.



  1. Lovely! Happy birthday to your Tall Girl! :) x

  2. A slice of that cake would just hit the spot right now.

  3. Happy Birthday to Tall Girl! What a great idea for a party.