Sunday, 6 January 2013

Away with the fairies

I found this place and thought you'd like to come and look with me. You see, there is this sign post pointing down a track that is just begging to be explored.

Looks exciting doesn't it? Lets take a look...

It winds through rolling pasture.

Past the most curious of cows.

Gradually heading for a little wood.

And in the wood...


Loft living.



Room with a view.



High rise.



Architect designed?

Tiny Boy's house.

Tall Girl's house.

And beyond the wood

is Fairyland flax mill.

Flax was the mainstay of the St Helena economy until the pesky post office started to use elastic bands instead of string in the 1960s. Almost overnight the six flax mills closed down, leaving 600 people out of work.

The mill buildings are rather beautiful in a sad sort of way.

The flax is everywhere. It is a very invasive weed and covers vast stretches of the island. It is almost impossible to get rid of and has no value any more.

I think the hills look like Cousin It.

The flax is huge and tough and useless. Except for a spot of weaving which I am hoping to learn soon.

So, did we see any fairies in Fairyland?

No, but we did see lots of fairy terns.

Which is almost as good.


  1. What a gorgeous place...and damn and blast those industry destroying rubber bands! ha! I only just realised that I had no idea what a flax plant looks like..not at all what I had imagined! Thanks for visiting my little ol' blog too x

  2. I bet there were some hiding! Looks lovely! :) x

  3. thank you for sharing your walk with us, so good to see your island. Such a shame the flax is no longer used.

    I wonder were the fairies peeping at you?