Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The best night of the week

Normally on a Wednesday evening, I wouldn't be here. You see Wednesday is choir night. I love choir night.

It begins with skiving off doing bedtime and walking into town instead.

The last couple of Wednesdays have been lovely sunny evenings. I love walking at this time of day but usually I am in the throws of bedtime stories.

I pass this little front garden and always take a moment to admire it.

It is just a little space but it is packed with plants and there is always something lovely to see.

Then into the hall for a jolly warm up, singing, tea, maybe a biscuit, more singings and fun chat with good people.

After that a few of us put the world to rights over one of these.

As I said, the best night of the week.

Sadly this week J is working away so I am staying in. Might go and see if I can find a consolatory drink.


1 comment:

  1. You will have next week to look forward to!! Hope you found something nice to drink and that you had a little sing at home! xx