Monday, 24 February 2014


Happy Monday to you all! Now, can you keep a secret? I thought so. Come a little closer, I have something to show you...
So, I am making a little something for someone special in St Helena, as a thank you when we leave in a few months' time. I am pretty sure she doesn't read this though (lets hope not) so I thought it was probably safe to let you have a peek...

I started with a few offcuts and repurposed bits and pieces,

then I hunted through my shoebox full of tiny scraps,

applied bond-a-web and some swift work with the scissors and I was on my way...

The main creativity is in the stitching. And I am LOVING the stitching!

I thought it would take me weeks, but I am loving it so much I can't put it down! Off to do another stitch or two before picking up the Smalls from school.