Thursday, 23 January 2014

Oh, honey honey

Shopping in St Helena is very much a hit and miss affair. If you see something you like, (exotic things like dishwasher salt for instance) you empty the shelf into your basket. Some things are non-existent: soft fruit, Indian curry paste (Thai is pretty easy to get), sun-dried tomatoes. Some things are there occasionally: fizzy water, black olives. Others you can make your own: hummus, guacamole, interesting bread. But there is something you feel you ought to be able to get but just can't.

Other than our holiday back to the UK, we have not eaten honey for over a year. Imports are banned because it is not a processed product and it can harbour diseases that might harm the local honey bees.

But last year, the drought caused the honey crop to fail. This year it is still in scarce supply, but we managed to secure three jars.

Three precious jars of golden goodness.

It is delicious, very runny  and very much appreciated.




  1. I enjoy honey also. I would love to be able to fit in a beehive to collect my own.

  2. I can understand how much you'd miss honey if you couldn't get it. My favourite honey comes from the island my parents live on, so each time I visit I come home with at least a 1kg jar to last until my next trip.