Monday, 21 October 2013

West Coast Adventures

It's been all go here. Less than 24 hours after returning from London we were all packed up again for a weekend on the west coast.

We stayed at Stroove which is a sort of youth hostel thingy, with a gang of old and new friends, some with Smalls and some without.

It is a regular highlight of our social calendar to go away with these lovely people twice a year. It is an everyone-mucks-in-and-helps-with-the-Smalls-and-the-food-and-everything sort of a weekend.

Being very close to Largs we decided to take the ferry and the bus and visit the most lovely village of Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae.

After a discussion about how we wouldn't be on the boat nearly as long as we were on the RMS St Helena, we all got very excited. After all, the ferry was almost exactly like the play mobil one that we have at home.

We were blessed with the most beautiful perfect weather.

We had a lot of fun hiring bikes and going for a little cycle about. It was a bit less fun when Tall Girl, who was being extremely brave about cycling on the road for the first time, fell off into the middle of the road. She had been freaked out by a car overtaking her far too fast just as she was passing a parked car. Once she had got over the skinned palms and I had got over the fright, she and I limped back to the shop. Tiny Boy loved cycling with Daddy and going really really fast. Big Trouble hitched a lift in a trailer behind my friend. Having not cycled myself for a couple of decades I though it best just to look after myself.

We had a lovely picnic on the steps of the cathedral,

and had great fun making our coats very muddy sliding down the bank.


After lunch it was time to hit the beach.

There were rock pools to peer into

shadows to create

treasure to find

mountains to climb

a jellyfish to inspect

sand castles to build

wonders to behold

seagulls to watch

and lollies and ice cream to feast on.

Then it was time to find our way back to the ferry and head home.

Tall Girl documented our arrival back in Largs. I love how their perspective of the world is so different. The town is framed by the ship's railings as she peered through the gap.

The next morning was mostly taken up with making full use of the most excellent park in Largs. The Smalls had a wonderful time.

And so did the not-so-Smalls.

Of course, we managed to find time for more ice cream before heading home.



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