Friday, 18 October 2013

One view of London

I have just up loaded my pics from London, and I have found that I took a very strange selection of snaps. I suppose it reflects the things that caught my eye.
I have not, for example photographed the extremely exciting collection of modes of transport that had Tiny Boy in a constant state of high excitement (train, underground and to top it off, the top deck of a bus). There are no dinosaurs or stuffed elephants or whale skeletons. The Diana memorial fountain and the ducks in the serpentine are entirely absent.
Instead we have the ceiling in the main hall of the Natural History Museum.

Leaves gathered by Tall Girl in the park.

A flower bed outside the Tate Britain and a sign by the door, both pictures taken by Tiny Boy.

Tiny Boy admiring sailing ships.

Tiny Boy and Tall Girl looking after my friend's Small, letting her take the lead and dictate where they went and what they looked at.

Just goes to show eh?



  1. I love the ceiling of the National History Museum. Just one more reminder that we should look up more often, we miss so much