Thursday, 8 August 2013

Thursday things

It is a misty moisty morning here in the subtropics. I woke up feeling a bit misty moisty too. Not for any special reason, just like you do sometimes. I have spent a couple of hours reintroducing order and cleanliness into the house, and as I did so, I started to feel a bit better: I started to see some of the things that are only in our house because they make me smile. I thought you might like to see a few of them. Hopefully they will make you smile too...

My favourite tin which I got from a very special lady who was moving to New Zealand. It reminds me of her smiley face. I keep tea in it, not sugar. I like tea.

Treasure found by Tiny Boy over the last few days. I have some ideas for these but they will have to wait a while. I have a lot of ideas!

A marguerite flower brought too me by my lovely Giant Baby.

One day he will learn to pick some stalk as well...

My box of tiny bits that are too lovely to throw away.

A sneaky peek of something that I am making from them especially for my blog...

What makes you smile on a misty moisty morning?



  1. what a thoughtful gift I love daisy heads x

  2. Looking forward to seeing what it is, those bits of pottery would look great in a mosaic! :) x

  3. Daisies are just the cutest of all the flowers ... My favourite tune on the radio, a cup of nettle and peppermint tea and a hug from my son made me smile this morning :) x

  4. I love that tune and haven't heard it in a long time. Will have to pull it out this afternoon and give it a listen!