Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Post day!

It is such a joy to receive the love of our friends and family  through the post.

Lots of generous people have sent us parcels and letters full of good wishes, treats and surprises.

It really has made my day.

Especially as amongst the goodies were a pile of fabric squares. Pip, I think you have kick started a quilt. Now to find the time...



  1. How fab to receive all that lovely mail! I'm sure it must be extra special for you being far away from your family & loved ones. Look forward to seeing that quilt ;-)

  2. yes, me too - I made a handsewn patchwork cushion cover for my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award 'skill'. Other than that I have only ever admired from afar!

  3. how good to get all that post and hopefully no bills amongst it all!Happy quilting with your new fabric