Saturday, 2 February 2013


Well, the post came yesterday and with it these, forwarded on at vast expense by the in-laws. (Thank you!)

We have now found a much cheaper way of getting things sent from home. I am very excited. I love the ceremony of reading a magazine. Sitting down with a cuppa in a moment of peace and examining the front cover, perusing the contents page then escaping into the pages for a few minutes of eye candy, inspiration and amusement.

I haven't even opened any of them yet. The moment has to be right! I shall pick a quiet time when I can enjoy each one  properly.

As well as my usual ongoing makes I have been trying to encourage the Smalls to make more than 'confetti'. We have managed to accumulate several of these. There is no recycling here, which breaks my heart but upcycling at least delays the inevitable...

I covered each one in white paper and handed them over. This is what the boys did with them.

Tiny Boy's on the left and Giant Baby's on the right. Tall Girl hasn't begun hers. She is feeling a little off colour today. They all love bags and boxes and things to put things in so these should fit the bill!

I really want to carry on with the monthly slow living round ups even though I missed December so I'm going to try and do that tomorrow.

Until then...



  1. My goodness no recycling! Amazing how we have got so used to it now. Enjoy your magazine moment.

  2. Yes, I love the magazine ritual too, enjoy! :) x

  3. Ah, nothing nicer than a bit of quiet time, a mug of brew and a pile of mags. Enjoy!