Saturday, 30 November 2013

Clara on tour Part 2

After the success of Clara's visit to Banyan Cottage, the other day we went to see a few more classic tourist stops on St Helena.
We started with a visit to Jonathon the tortoise.

He lives at Plantation House with the Governor. (You can read about a previous visit here.)

Here's the view down the valley over the vegetable gardens.

Next we stopped off at Jacob's Ladder and admired the view from the top...

...and the bottom.

Then we had a look round Jamestown. Clara also liked my favourite tree which is in the Grand Parade (a grand name for a square that would be rather lovely if it was not mostly devoted to car parking).

She liked the arch towards the sea side.

The wharf where everything comes and goes.

The Castle (not actually a castle but the Government offices).

The court house.

and St James church.

Can you spot her in all the pics? She's there I promise...


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  1. I love your little tour of the island, it's so interesting and looks like Clara enjoyed it too. There's a Grand Parade in Cape Town too, which besides hosting a market on Wednesdays, is largely a car park too!
    Happy weekend xx