Thursday, 28 November 2013

Fourth Make for Christmas - Button Necklace

So, make number four is definitely one for the girls. Indulge yourself or make one for a gift. I haven't tried it yet, but I thought a scaled up version might make a good alternative for tinsel-phobes like me.

Button Necklace

Difficulty: Easy Peasy and hard to stop. I tell you this could become seriously addictive!

You will need: Crochet cotton or embroidery thread in one or two colours, 12 or more buttons or beads, small crocket hook - I used 2mm, scissors, needle.

Thread your buttons or beads onto the yarn. If the buttons have four holes it looks nice for the thread to feed in a cross shape but it does make the whole thing a bit more of a faff. Push them a good way down. It is a good idea to thread on more than you think you will need. You can't add more later!

Make a slip knot close to the end of the yarn.

Decide approximately how far apart your want your buttons or beads to be. Chain that length and count the stitches. Mine were 25ch apart. (To make a chain put the yarn over the hook and draw through the loop on the hook.)

Bring your first button or bead up to the hook as close as you can and make the next chain with the yarn beyond it. Continue to chain your chosen number then add a button until your necklace seems long enough.

Join the two ends with a slip stitch and fasten off. Weave in the ends. If you want to add a second colour join the new yarn into the place you fastened off. Chain your chosen distance then slip stitch into the back of the stitch surrounding each button or bead. Finish with a slip stitch into the first chain, fasten off and weave in the ends.

I used beads for this second one and continued to add beads on the second time round the loop so they alternate between the joins in the two chains and the gaps. They are also much smaller and closer together.

Clara tried to decide which she preferred. Naïve and quirky...

or sophisticated and glamorous.

I think probably you could have one to suit every occasion if you put your mind to it!


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  1. Sweet necklaces, and a fab idea to upscale and use on the tree - going to add that to my "good ideas" list, thanks for the tutorial :-)
    Have a happy weekend,