Thursday, 7 November 2013

Gorgeous Gifts

Good afternoon!
This first week back has been very strange. Tall Girl had a couple of days off school with a bad tum, Big Trouble was very vocal about his displeasure at starting school nursery, I had a cold that meant I missed a most excellent bonfire party, then I mysteriously hurt my back and have been hobbling about since Sunday.
The upshot is that even though I have a few lovely things I want to blog about I haven't been up to taking pictures or sitting at the computer all week. Urg I hope it gets better soon because it is very wearing and very boring.
As if to make up for a mainly crappity crap week I have received some lovely and most unexpected gifts.

Firstly my lovely Tall Girl made me a pretty bracelet and wrapped it in a carefully upcycled piece of cereal packet. A real treasure!

Next I received these pretty post cards from Jane at Teawagontales. She blogged months ago about collecting postcards with her boys and I suggested a little postcard swap. I sent her a couple from St Helena, and she sent these with a lovely parcel of goodies for making her trademark little dolls. When I am back to normal I shall have great fun playing with them.

Then a lovely island friend spotted this beauty in the sale of a local shop. I had much admired hers a few months ago. So now we have matching enamel tea pots. I may feel some cosy making coming on in the very near future.

It is massive! Six or eight good mugfuls so perfect for hosting tea fuelled crafty evenings.

Lastly a little guest has arrived from Susi at Lilla Luise. More about Clara next time...

So thank you, thank you ladies for injecting a dose of loveliness into my week.


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  1. Hi Eleanor - hope you are feeling better and that this week will not be as crappity crap as last week! (I just know I shall be using that phrase from now on!). Thanks for visiting my blog - have loved looking around yours. I used to have a green teapot like that - whatever happened to it ..... ?? xCathy