Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Clara on tour Part 1

I have been making every effort to ensure that Clara gets all she can out of her time on St Helena. With that in mind, she accompanied us to a party at a very special venue. This is Banyan Cottage. It does have running water (cold only) but no electricity, and as you will see, some of the other mod cons are neither mod, nor con. However, it is one of the world's special places.

It is near Sandy Bay, at the end of a long and extremely winding road (which is also extremely steep).

Nestled in the bottom of the valley is a little four-room cottage with a fire pit and barbeque in the front garden.

The furniture is nothing fancy - an oil drum for a table...

But with the help of recent arrivals and their goodies from home we rustled up some real luxuries: Pimms and lemonade (no cucumber - there is a shortage of cucumber at the mo, but I did find mint...)

A banquet of home cooked deliciousness.

The men cut wood. Ugg.

Then played competitive sports...

Out the back there is a semi equipped bathroom. It only lacks hot water and a roof.

A greener than green drop toilet.

The light was not good enough to show you properly, but the picture on the wall is a charming painting of the view out of the toilet door. This makes me happy.

With a few magic touches it is ready for an evening of fun and frolics.

How cosy!

Late night games.

Dancing round the campfire.

The Smalls were thrilled to be able to use the lamps they made.

And Clara even made a new friend.

Hopefully I'll be back with another Make for Christmas tomorrow...


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