Sunday, 7 October 2012

Thinking outside the box (es)

Firstly, sorry I have not been around for a few days. Things here have ramped up from their usual level of 'beware chaos approaching' to 'omnipresent anarchy'. I wrote in this post about our impending adventure. Well, it is almost upon us. On Tuesday we were told we had ten days to have all our stuff itemised, boxed, measured, weighed and valued ready for shipping. That included buying a car, a fridge-freezer, a dishwasher and about 500 other things.

As you can imagine my adrenaline levels sky-rocketed! Giant Baby has been doing his best to 'help', even suggesting he get into a box himself. (At one point I thought that was an extremely good idea.)

Well, five days and 37 packages later and we are not finished but we have made all our major purchases and have packed 80% of our stuff. Some rooms have even been finished completely and I feel I can take a few minutes out to pop by here and say Hello.

Amidst the madness there have been some moments of joy. A couple of days ago the postman brought these - the seeds that we have ordered for our new tropical kitchen garden.

We should be able to grow things that we can only dream of here, like melons and peppers. Yum!

I thought these were particularly apt since Marconi was instrumental in long distance communication becoming possible.

Well, once more into the fray dear friends. I probably won't be back until after next weekend.

Ooo I nearly forgot... We actually leave on 14 November, flying with the RAF to Ascension Island for a couple of days before two days on the RMS St Helena arriving in our new home on 18th. makes my tummy do somersaults just thinking about it!


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  1. Very exciting, but I can imagine the work! Happy packing! Ada :)